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Learn More About Spatial Chat

  • The Spatial Chat experience works best on your desktop or laptop browser. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox.


  • Allow access to your computer camera and microphone, add your name and something fun about you to your Spatial Chat Badge, then join the space.


  • A circle or bubble shows your position in the space. With your camera on, it will show your video stream. With your camera off, it will show your profile picture if you uploaded it before signing in. If not, it will show the first letter of your name.



  • To move around inside the Room, click and drag on your Icon circle. You will be able to see and hear other Attendees as you move your Icon near their Icon.


  • The Spatial Chat Space contains several different Rooms that you can move between to visit with other Attendees. Click on the Room Name in the right sidebar, or search for a specific contact and click to be transported near that Attendee.


  • Use the tool bar at the bottom of the screen to chat, use emojis, or turn your mic and camera on and off.